question about raid

  • Hello,

    I have a question about how a raid is defined in EQDKP besause we are using it with point since few weeks but no raid attendees got any point ...
    how does it work ?

    For us the point are more something to see if there some one don't use the system so we can remind him to do it then kick him if he don't ;)

    for exemple :every attendees (in whatever status, even the one who tell explicitly that he won't be there should have an amount a point.

    what should be great is :
    I tell that I can't 0.5
    all the other 1
    those wich are in confirmed state will have 2 point.

    if not possible just one point for each who use the system ;)

    But if for any reason one in signin/confirm state is not there we can discuss about it later in the post but I want him to have 0.5 too.
    As for now we don't want to use the parsers... (if there is one ;) )
    But we want the point to be like we want :)

    thanks :)

  • I just saw it :)
    @wallenium you said :

    A raid is for attendees, and has a specific value. If you want to honour backup guys, use adjustments.

    But in that menu I can convert :
    1 - Convert confirmed characters (that is the default for most guilds I presume)
    2 - Convert signed in characters (I wanted that :))
    3 - Convert backup characters (that too)
    4 - Convert unsigned characters (is it all chars that are in the signed off area or all chars that are not display in any area ?)
    5 - Convert Raidleaders (I think they should be in the confirmed chars too, no ?)