[2.0] We are searching for Alpha/Beta testers

  • Hello !

    Link to the cloned Eqdkp: http://www.guilde-ascension.fr/Calendar/viewnews.php?s=
    (Basically the users need to create an account to see the full content, i will change that for the cloned version)

    Game you are playing: World Of Warcraft (french guild)
    Why do you want to test it?: I want to test the new version, new options for the raids and if i can, make a new template.
    time you are able to afford: 3hours per day and more.

    Thanks for your work !

  • Beta Test Starts when we are Ready to Start it. Alpha Tests are quite good, we fixed aus lot of bugs the Last weeks. We have an internal schedule and are good in time. We will write a news once we are ready.

    Awesome. I can "clone" my website to do whatever needs testing. Again, active website at: VIIGaming.com lots of custom css/html very intereted in themeing and ntegration into larger systems.


  • Would love to test.

    Link to the cloned Eqdkp 1.0.9

    Game you are playing
    World of Warcraft

    Why do you want to test it? (if you want to port a template etc it is the place to write it :D)
    Would like to test and help flesh out the Suicide Kings support. 1.0.x feels a bit cumbersome. Also would like to write and suicide kings import module/application that works seamlessly with the KonferSK in game addon.

    time you are able to afford
    I spend 15+ hours a week working on my guild website currently. I work at a small software developer in the US and constantly have my computer and website code in front of me.

  • Link to the cloned Eqdkp: http://test.tribe-of-elders.com/
    Game you are playing: World of Warcraft
    Why do you want to test it?: To try new features, make some knowlege about what to do with new version, and prepare to upgrade.
    time you are able to efford: 2-4h per day 5-6 days per week. Can also help with translation to russian.

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