[2.0] We are searching for Alpha/Beta testers

  • Hi folks,
    If you have a working installation of 1.0 and some time and want to help us: We are currently searching for testers hunting down the last bugs in our latest software release. 2.0 comes with a completely new template, icon fonts instead of icons, a more modern look, an improved API and a lot more.. Follow us on Facebook to see some screens the next weeks.

    What should you do?
    1. clone your current eqdkp+ 1.0.x (new database/file base)
    2. the software WILL contain bugs. It is feature complete, but not fully tested
    3. Plugins, game files, templates and portal modules of 1.0.x will NOT work
    4. It is just for test purposes, not for a running DKP

    Feel free to update your templates/plugins/etc to work with 2.0.

    If you want to apply, give us some information:

    • Link to the cloned Eqdkp 1.0.9
    • Game you are playing
    • Why do you want to test it? (if you want to port a template etc it is the place to write it :D)
    • time you are able to efford

    Thanks a lot and have fun ;)

    The dev team.

    • http://dkp.thewildwest.ru/
    • ArcheAge, Black Desert Online
    • Want to test it and find defference with 1.x. Also want to port AA-gamemod with Ru-translate.
    • About 2 hours per day (or more if there is no work to do:) )

    updated info during the clans union and re-organization

    • http://shader.dautkom.lv/dkp/
      Most likely testing will be performed on local enviroinment for easier access, better performance and debug level.
    • World of Warcraft
      Also I'm trying to convience my guild in Guild Wars 2 to use EQDKP also.
    • I appreciate the work you are doing and gladly help you.
      Also I've been testing it since 1.0 betas and know how and where to dig from different points of view.
      Also I'd like to compare it with 1.x and come up with Russian translation upon the release.
    • It varies.
      I'll perform scheduled tests, but it hard to determine the timerframe at this moment.
  • 1. 1.0.10 : https://www.redguard.eu/viewnews.php?s=
    2. Lineage 2
    3. I want to test if there's performance improvements over the 1.x version and maybe help speed up eqdkp
    4. I can dedicate a weekend or two in playing around with the dev version ( mind you i already have one setup from svn, but it was several months ago and it ended completely broken with nginx + php5-fpm so i gave up at the time ).

  • Link to the cloned Eqdkp 1.0.9:

    Game you are playing

    World of warcraft
    Why do you want to test it?
    getting guild back into raiding - also forming cross realm raid group . doing a fresh install . plan to bridge bulletin board in for forum use . would like to test out the new version and offer suggestions and report bugs that i find .. thou i wish there was a way to turn off dkp since i dont use dkp. but by far this is the best cms for wow that i have found

    time you are able to efford

    a few hours each day .

    • Link to the cloned Eqdkp 1.0.9:
    • Game you are playing:
      World of Warcraft
    • Why do you want to test it?
      I want some enlightment about that whether your vision of the development of the project meets my expectations (which I hope), so I can decide will I stay with your amazing project or should I make something ugly by myself.. =)
    • Time you are able to efford:
      I'm working on a complete new web-site for my guild so I'm spending all my free time with it =)

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my English =)
    P.S. Btw, would you somehow implement new Battle.net API with amazing OAuth opportunities?

    UPDATE: I just found out how to make Cusom DKP Calculation so I will develop and test my vision on both release and alpha versions =)

  • 1.) http://viigaming.com/
    2.) WoW
    I am looking for a solution for gallery and media management outside of coppermine and would love to provide feedback and assistance.
    I am also interested in developing a modern but generic template as well as a WoW template. I am currently using a modified version of madcataminimal and would love to take the 2.0 default template and run with it.
    I am also interested in assisting with English localization.
    4.) 10 - 20 hours /week.

    EDIT: Any update on this?

    • Local Installation actually. http://goo.gl/b7pEQK
    • But soon on http://exiled-guilde.com/ . I wait the hosting informations from my guild officer.
    • World of Warcraft (EU-FR). PVE Guild Top French, Realm 1st.
    • I want to make amazing WoW Portal Module (Like Progress) and LiveStream Module on new page for TwitchTV.
    • All of this idea on a new template, based on Warlords and Mythic Raiding.
    • ~ 5 - 6 hours per day
  • Link to the cloned Eqdkp 1.0.9:
    local, used it in the past as guild website.

    Game you are playing:
    World of Warcraft (we are a small guild that has been playing together for almost 10 years)

    Why do you want to test it?
    We have tried eqdkp plus in the past but we needed a more "modern" look and feel, then used Joomla which was too much for our needs and right now running wordpress+raid management bridged and it is a pain (www.nerfmyage.com). We would love the eqdkp plus functionalities but adapted to today's devices

    Time you are able to efford:
    Depends on real life issues, but usually between 5 to 16 hours per week when I am changing the guild's website. Most of our users are over 30 years old with profiles from IT people to completely IT newbies.

  • At this moment we dont have an active EQDKP Plus site running since we migrated to a completely new server and we stopped raiding in WoW for a while and didn't need any of the raidplanning / tracking functionality.

    In the past i've been working with bushmaster to get EPGP Lootmaster http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/epgp_lootmaster working with the site for the importing and exporting of the data. We want to pickup where we left of again and see if we can get the modifications we had for epgp working again or maybe decide that we dont need them anymore since 2.x supports it by default how we want it to be.

  • Beta Test Starts when we are Ready to Start it. Alpha Tests are quite good, we fixed aus lot of bugs the Last weeks. We have an internal schedule and are good in time. We will write a news once we are ready.

  • Hello, I would like to apply:

    • Link to the cloned Eqdkp: http://holywrath.ultimaalianza.cat
    • Game you are playing: World Of Warcraft
    • Why do you want to test it?: To get used to the new differences, and to try to adapt the template, and the forum template to it. (I want to be able to have all ready for the 2.0 migration)
    • time you are able to afford: Mostly 2hours per laboral day.

    Thanks for all your hard work, always trusting in eqdkp.