[Survey] MultiGaming

  • Dear EQdkp Plus User,

    we want your Feedback for the topic "MultiGaming". So please tell us how you want that we implement this feature. Especially we want to know
    - one admin area for all games or one admin area foreach game, which gives you a lot more setting possibilies for the games
    - do you want a neutral portal for your guild/clan, and if yes, what should be display there?

    So please add you opinion to this whole topic, because we want to build it to your needs!

    Greetings, the EQdkp Plus Dev Team

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  • Hi

    Well thanks for kicking the survey and the debate off from my post.....

    - one admin area for all games or one admin area foreach game, which gives you a lot more setting possibilies for the games

    um can there not be both.

    Say a common admin area that handles some features such as CMS bridge, general setttings etc.

    And then under the common admin area you have game admin that are kind of done like modules....

    - do you want a neutral portal for your guild/clan, and if yes, what should be display there?

    Well the neutral part could be the first front end, before you go into the game specific in which case the relevant game theme and setting be shown.

    I'm not a programmer and I know you guys have put a lot of work into it.

    BTW the other big thing that would be needed is a way to import different eqdkp-plus systems into the same one....
    Would that be possible? Cos in the run up to the multigame feature it would be possible to say use a common CMS bridge but use different eqdkp-plus systems for the different games.



  • Hi,

    - I would say you need 1 general admin area, and per game admin area.

    - for the portal part there are alot of different possibilities.
    personally I like the idea to have a neutral area where you can show not only website or guild news, but also specific game news.
    For example if you show the news area on the main page, you should have the option as game news writer to place it on the front page or not (front page as in neutral, or just in the game only portal news).

    to make sure the CMS bridge keeps working correctly, user management should be done globally, and you will have a 2nd level of administrators that control a per game portal, while 1st level of administrators can do everything.

    This might it more interesting to look into the possibilities to do user management on the portal and not the forum. (also creating users)
    when a user is created, 1st level admins, can select different portal games to be activated.
    for example (swtor, wow, gw2 and forum)

    In this case it might be handy to support 1 type of forum for this kind of thing.

  • I would suggest a neutral portal... for entry into site.....
    that would display possibly
    ** news from game modules that select to dispaly new on main portal
    ** new thread post on bridged forums or blogs

    i would sugest the games possible be added in module form to site with the ability to add a game more than ounce. this would enable the games to have there own admin option and enable user with more than one clan to use the same site for there clan pages. we will take wow for example. most gms i know have more than one guild i myself have several. thou they are seperate guilds they do function together as one guild...

    Raid planners for games i would sugest being seperate so that it could take data from multiple rosters......

    Admin i would sugest a master admin for the website and give the ability to specific users to moderate or admin specific games 0r guild modules ......

  • Hi,

    I think the simples way for you and users is to clone EqDKP database, using differents prefixes for each wanted games, a common users repository table and a specific users table for each game refering to the users ID in the repository table.



    ID User Name
    1 John
    2 Steve
    3 Pete
    4 Luis

    Wow users

    ID Repo ID
    1 1
    2 3
    3 4

    SWTOR users

    ID Repo ID
    1 2
    2 4

    Then on the main portal page a module could be shown to select the game in a dropdown list.
    The game administration use the actual system, except that the default game folder should be saved for allowing the reinitialization of the game if needs.

    That's my own opinion :)

  • If you go to www.TLP-guild.com --- we're a multigaming organization that could really provide you very specific feedback. Here is mine as the founder and admin of TLP:

    1) You should have a "Network Install" --- much like WordPress does. This would allow a net admin to spin off a new instance of EQDKP+ to a subfolder of their main site.
    2) The net admin would have rights to most of everything in their child sites, and their top site should have an aggregator of content --- for news, standings, etc. that the net admin can control.
    3) The child sites should work just as EQDKP+ works today, with the addition of an option to send their content to the main site.
    4) The seamless integration of forums should be a top priority. I should be able to add a PHPBB, for example, to the top level site that I can then expose into the child sites that would look like its PART OF THE SITE... not just a link to an external forum. Should be easy to do with some of these forums, since they are open source.

    You can contact me at dani @ tlp-guild . com if you would like us to provide you more details to help! We'd love to be guinea pigs for this effort!

  • Hey guys,

    This is a great idea and something I was trying to figure out when I first looked at eqdkpplus admin area.

    I am no pro so am not sure about implementation methods but think it should include the following;

    • Ability to pick multiple games and generate a 'homepage' as such for each game with separate portal layouts so it is kind of like minisites for each game.
    • Ability for users to register for each game, and then have a stats page and/or widget which displays stats like WoW: 100 users, 10 daily visitors, etc.
    • I think if you did this youd make the sites primary homepage a portal to each game, maybe with cool clickable image links stating the game name, a picture and resident clan of that game and perhapos some stats on that games minisite.

    I could go on for a while probably but will leave it at this for now and see what others have to say.

    I like Danitsia's idea of a WPMU like approach but fear this may get too complex for some noobie users like me. Having separate databases would be ideal for huge communities but messy for smaller ones with less experienced webmasters, so if you must separate the DB perhaps use same db but different prefixes?