Calendar entries in french

Another translation problem in french with the calendar events


Steps (optionally)
put EQDKP in french then try to add an event / raid


Hello, I think we had another bad ' somewhere in the translation part of the calendar which add events or raid here is in [url='']english[/url] and in [url='']french [/url]you can see the same page with the same options except the language part. Could you help us (starcom and I) to found where is it ? if it's a bad ' in the translation ;) thanks :)

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  • The Dropdown on the left contains the Names of the calendars. Do you have one in the Calendar Management?
    Becaues I switched the language of my test installation to french, and I didn't get an empty dropdown.

  • Yes I have, but I had the old lang_main.php

    here is the key we changed in its version n-1:
    "raidevent_raid_val_addevent" => 'Il n\'y a pas de calendrier permettant d\'ajouter des événements. Veuillez en ajouter un en vous rendant <a target="_parent" href=".'.registry::get_const('root_path').'admin/manage_calendars.php">ici</a>',

    and now (a little more than 5h ago):
    "raidevent_raid_val_addevent" => 'Aucun calendrier ne permet de rajouter un événement. Veuillez en ajouter un en vous rendant <a target="_parent" href=".{{ROOT_PATH}}admin/manage_calendars.php">ici</a>',

    so now it's ok :)
    Thanks for testing :D

    I just saw the new one ;)