Default itempool for an event


[b][i][color=#B22222][This Bugreport/Feature Request was copied from our Support Board. Please use our Support Board for Questions.][/color][/i][/b] Please add the ability to define, for each event, the default itempool that items are assigned to. For EverQuest as an example, with each new expansion, it would be nice to set a new itempool that will be the default for those events so you can determine true drop rates for the items.

Comments 5

  • In my case no. The multidkp pool is just a single pool. When going through the raidlog tool, when you get to the items page you can specify which itempool to use. Since the tool uses the event as the raid, it would need to be tied in their to allow selecting the drop-down value automatically on the items page.

    If you added the itempool_id column to the events table we would have the value needed to generate the correctly selected drop-down value on the page.

  • Yes, but without adding a column to the events table that includes the itempool_id (for that event), I would not be able to change the raidlog tool to default all items in the log to that itempool.